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What's Happening To Guilded?

As some of you may have heard, Roblox is going to enforce their connection method as the only way to log in, replacing the previously normal login method without the use of Roblox’s OAuth system. This change is concerning for many people who use this platform, as they will now be required to link a Roblox account in order to access Guilded. Previously, users had the option to log in with Roblox or simply use a password. Guilded has set a deadline of July 15th, 2024, to implement this update, and we simply don’t want this change. We want a platform with freedom rather than a soulless corporate platform.

Guilded's actions against its users.

Platform's response.

Both Guilded and Roblox have been ignoring people's opinions about this controversy.

Anti-consumer practices

Guilded's updated Terms of Use now include a mandatory arbitration clause, requiring users to resolve disputes through arbitration rather than the court system. To opt-out, users must mail a physical letter within 30 days of using the product. This differs from platforms like Discord, which offer email opt-outs.

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Killed community-made projects.

List of projects and servers which shut down or are about to shut down.

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Migrate Away From Guilded.

Guilded -> Discord bot! Guilded Bot Link
This bot exports your Guilded server into Discord, keeping your roles, channels, and permissions as well as it can. It will convert Guilded permissions to Discord, and attempt to keep as much of your Guilded server intact as possible.
Simply run ex!help after inviting the Guilded bot!

Signup with Email.


Still want to use Guilded? You can still signup with an email. A tool has been made to help with this.

Scrub Your Messages.

Leaving Guilded? You can now scrub all your messages on Guilded. Leave no traces behind!

Join The Discussion.

GilCord is a server dedicated towards those from the platform known as, "Guilded," and want to move here!

People Against This Change

You can add yourself by joining the discussion on GilCord, and adding your quote in #standing-against-the-change.

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